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Offering a moment of the cowboy life captured by New Mexico artist and cowboy Gary Morton, these limited-edition prints portray a lifestyle lived by only a chosen few.  Gary works on ranches all over the western United States and gathers artistic material from each place he goes, each cowboy he meets, and every horse he rides. Portrayed here are wild, remote places unspoiled by highways and power lines where the cowboy is king and the West is at the heart of it all. (excerpt from Big Bend Saddlery, Alpine, Tx)

Contact Gary for further information.


Beside Still Water 

Beside Still Water

18″ x 24″    Giclee Print on canvas  by Gary Morton

Cody Krantzen, Bryan Clark, and JB Miller are pictured. We had started early, before sunup that morning. Made a lot of tracks and the horses wanted to drink. We watered our horses and took a moment to be thankful for our life and surroundings.



Enthusiasm, Knowledge, and Wisdom

12″ x 16″  Giclee Print on canvas  by Gary Morton

Pictured are Rem Mosimann, Kris Wilson, and Gary Green.  Rem is always enthusiastic about whatever needs to get done and quick to do it.  Kris is the New Mexico Manager for Silver Spur Ranches, he has a PHD is animal nutrition along with a world of practical knowledge.  While he is an educated man, he also a cowboy and horseman of the highest degree.  Gary Green is the oldest cowboy on the Bell, and has been there many years.  He is one of the wisest guys I know and always knows the best way to get something done.




11″ x 14″ Giclee Print on canvas  by Gary Morton

This is making a drive in one of the biggest pastures on the Bell.  I can think of nothing that expresses freedom more than being horseback in big country, breathing lots of fresh air, and watching the crew bring a herd together.

Before the bird, before the dawn,
I was the poem, I was the song.
My heart would beat the world a warning—
Those horsemen now rode all with me,
And we were good, and we were free.

—– from Buck Ramsey’s “The Anthem”.



Peace in the Valle

Los Amigos is very privileged to offer you a rare opportunity to own a print by well-known Western artist Gary Morton, and help restore the Bond Cabin on the Valles Caldera National Preserve at the same time. Gary made an extremely generous offer to Los Amigos. He painted a picture of the historic Bond Cabin, where he and his family stayed during the summer while they ran the cattle program on the Preserve, and he let Los Amigos make 350 signed prints of the painting to sell to raise money to help restore the Cabin. Contact Los Amigos.


Sunrise on the TO

Sunrise on the TO

20″ x 40″  Giclee Print on canvas  by Gary Morton

The TO Ranch headquarters at sunup. It sets about twelve miles east of Raton, New Mexico at the foot of the Juan Torrez Mesa.


The Promise

The Promise

32″ x 24″ Giclee Print on canvas  by Gary Morton

The Bell Mountain gives the Bell Ranch its name. This country had been in a drought for many years and thankfully the weather pattern has been wetter these days. We sure became cloud watchers during the dry times. It is always hopeful when the thunderheads build and promise rain.


we rode out

We Rode Out On the Morning

10″ x 20″ Giclee Print on canvas  by Gary Morton

I always enjoyed riding out with good hands.  The day is fresh and new.  The morning is crisp and smells good.  Horses are lively as well as the men.  These are some of the Bell cowboys, the others are making a circle from the other side.  The roundup will come together and the branding will begin before most folks get to work.

Based on the poetry of former working ranch cowboy, Buck Ramsey, detailing a cowpuncher’s life and the cowboy way.  This title comes from Buck Ramsey’s “The Anthem”.