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Original Work

Trot and Trot Again

Trot and Trot Again by Gary Morton , 20″ x 16″

And in the morning I was riding
Out through the breaks of that long plain,
And leather creaking in the quieting
Would sound with trot and trot again.

—– from Buck Ramsey’s “The Anthem”.

Kye Fuston riding Casino on Bell Ranch, NM.



Waiting by Gary Morton,  12″ x 16″

This is my friend Gary Green. We were gathering up some bulls on a cold March morning. The temps were cold but the wind was what made it a bit unpleasant. When making a drive, some of the hands have to wait for the others to make a longer trip or to turn the cattle. It is necessary but on days like this it can be a little tough.  Bell Ranch, NM.


Takin Aim

Takin Aim by Gary Morton,  10″ x 14″

Jesse Estrada loves to rope and he is pretty good at it, even on a young horse.  Bell Ranch, NM.